because esctasy is
your birth right


“My public practice is focused on strategically shifting culture to create the foundations for large scale policy change, while my private practice is an intimate act of alchemy. It’s here, in the hand creation of one of a kind objects, that I bring artworks into the world intended to be used as a tool for manifestation.”

          Cleo Barnett is a New Zealand born and Los Angeles based post disciplinary artist and curator working in the arts & civic engagement. Cleo’s private art practice explores mythology and collective liberation through an ecofeminist lens.  Since 2009, Barnett has directed and produced more than 300 public space interventions across five continents reaching hundreds of millions of people around the world. Collaborating with artists, government agencies, non-profit and community based organizations, foundations, educators and global brands, her work shifts culture through public art and mass media experiments.
During this time curating public art installations around the world, Cleo maintained a private practice. Since releasing her first short film in 2019 her work has been featured at the Northwest Film Forum, The Seattle Black Film Festival, and has digitally been featured on VICE, The Forge, Showfields, KEXP, and elsewhere.

Cleo holds an M.A. in Art and Public Policy from New York University, and a double B.A. in Political Science and International Business from the University of Auckland, She is currently the Executive Director of Amplifier, a non-profit design lab that builds media experiments to amplify social movements.